Accessories and Add-ons for your t-shirt cannons.
Stress Ball Adapter
Micro Mini Stress Ball Adapter


Simple to install adapter allows you to turn your existing Micro Mini T-Shirt Cannon into a stress ball launcher.

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Stress Ball Adapter
Micro Mini Confetti / Streamer Adapter


Poly resin adapter plate and 20” clear Lexan tube with a 2” diameter that easily attaches to your Micro Mini T-Shirt Launcher with thumb screws to allow for the shooting of streamers or confetti.

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Pin Valve Tank
20oz. Pin Valve CO2 Tank


The standard tank that comes with the majority of our t-shirt launchers. 20 ounce CO2 capacity. Shipped empty to comply with DOT regulations.

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20oz On/Off valve CO2 tank
20oz. On/Off CO2 Tank


Tank has a 20 ounce CO2 capacity and offers the ability to turn the tank on/off before removing from the tshirt gun. Shipped empty to comply with DOT regulations.

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On/Off Adapter
On/Off Adapter for CO2 Tanks


On/off adapter allows you to convert any standard pin valve tank into an on/off tank for better control of the flow of CO2. Simply push the brass button to turn CO2 on or off. Makes installing and removing CO2 tanks a breeze.

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Deluxe CO2 Fill Station
Deluxe CO2 Fill Station


Deluxe CO2 Cylinder Fill Station w/CO2 Pin Depressor. Built for maximum filling performance. This is perfect for all high volume CO2 filling without muffler. For accurate filling we recommend purchasing our digital scale with all fill stations.

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10 Gallon Air Tank
10 Gallon Air Tank


For use with our low pressure t-shirt launchers like the Dagger. Portable air tank can be filled with a standard air compressor adding an extra bit of portability.

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O-Rings (10 Pack)


O-Rings are used to seal the CO2 tank into your launcher. Replace as needed for an airtight seal.

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Quick Disconnect Hose
Quick Disconnect Hose


Allows for connection of a bulk CO2 tank to provide a direct and continuous air source without the use of small individual tanks. Quick disconnect hose comes with a 2 piece adapter that screws directly into your launcher where the small CO2 tank would normally go. Comes with a six foot braided hose with fitting to adapt directly to your bulk tank.

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Digital Scale
Digital Scale


This optional accessory allows you fill your own tshirt gun CO2 tanks by weighing them accurately.

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Replacement Gauge
500 PSI Pressure Gauge


Replacement pressure gauge for your T-Shirt Cannon. It is important to know what pressure your T-Shirt Cannon is set at.

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Coiled Remote Hose
Coiled Remote Hose


Heavy duty, rugged coiled remote tank line with a quick disconnect and on/off switch. Allows for carrying your CO2 tanks in a backpack or on a belt detached from the launcher itself. Thus reducing the weight of the cannon making it lighter and easier to handle.

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Double Quick Disconnect Hose
Double Quick Disconnect Hose


Allows you to connect two launchers directly to a bulk CO2 tank. This eliminates the need for individual tanks and allows for continuous air pressure.

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Rubber Bands
Rubber Bands


Pack of 100 rubber bands for securing rolled t-shirts.

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Compressed Air Tank
Compressed Air Tank


4500psi/68 cubic inch carbon fiber wrapped air tank. For use with ANY of our T-Shirt Launchers that use CO2 Tanks. HPA tanks are more expensive but MUCH more consistant than CO2 in cold weather. CO2 pressure drops in extremely cold weather, whereas HPA remains essentially the same. The result is more consistant shots from your launcher in colder weather.

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Scuba Fill Station
Scuba Fill Station


The SCUBA Fill Station is designed to work with standard SCUBA tank valves, making it easy to run your t-shirt launcher off of high pressure air.

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Micro Mini Case
Micro Mini Case


Made specifically for our Micro Mini T-Shirt Cannon.
Main Compartment: 28" long with two velcro strap to secure launcher.
Second Compartment: 18" long with two internal pockets for accessories. 3/4" padding.

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Bleacher Reacher Pro Case
Bleacher Reacher Pro Case


Made specifically for our Bleacher Reacher Pro T-Shirt Cannon.
Main Compartment: 36" long with two velcro strap to secure launcher.
Second Compartment: 26" long with two internal pockets for accessories. 3/4" padding.

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